Puraeo essential oils manufacturer - Turn your ideas into reality and custom best essential oils that reflect your personality.


Puraeo, taking a permanent mission of purifying people's minds has been our ultimate goal being set out. After having decades experiences of dedicating ourselves to sourcing plants of natural growth for the greatest-quality essential oils production, we started off with commitments as an essentials oils consultant as well as a brand maker for helping those who have dreamed about setting sail on the world market. To empower dreamers with full personal design on marketing, brand, package even unique oils formulas, our professional solution would fundamentally tackle every problem you meet on the way to attaining benefit from essential oils.

All essential oils that we produce totally meet the standard of quality control & purity certificate in FDA, COA, ISO, MSDS, and GCMS that ensures quality is the finest and wellness to keep people loosen up in mind and body while they are on treatment of diffuse, massage and moisture. This gift from the earth makes people return to their essence of life’s purest nature, which is what they have been seeking for their entire life, as we do all the time.

We always stand by Aromatherapists, Psychotherapists, and Chiropractors as well as manufacturers of candles, soap, food, etc. with support in terms of our abundant one-stop service experiences which help to build business according to their idea instead of supplying essential oils only. We wish our client to grow with us, but not to be forward alone.




Puraeo Biotech is a trusted supplier with experience providing companies around the world with raw material of essential oils and OEM services



Our team is not just doing extraordinary things, but also doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. Puraeo, taking a permanent mission of purifying people's minds has been our ultimate goal being set out. 

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