Turn your ideas into reality and customize best essential oils that reflect your personality.

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With an international rich experience in providing healthy products, Cleanmo Tech, the Parent Company of Puraeo Biotech, has engaged in foreign business since 2008, and is backed up by our strong technical capabilities and manufacturing excellence.


Puraeo Biotech is a trusted international essential oil supplier experienced in providing companies around the world with OEM and ODM services. Our factory provides one-stop services such as market consultation, quick sampling, custom packaging, and much more. cooperative customers cover domestic and foreign hotel industry, commercial complexes, regional exhibition halls, museums, Grade A office buildings, beauty hospital chains, entertainment and leisure club group, automotive 4S store group, etc. Puraeo Biotech as a professional essential oils manufacturer, providing different kinds of carrier oils, single essential oils, etc.


What lead us to the idea of creating our Swwip brand of essential oils were the principles of simplifying life. Nowadays, we know that less is more. It’s time to cut out all the noise and pursue the benefits of a calmer and more cost-effective lifestyle. 



Whether you are a well-known brand with a range of established products or an emerging business with multiple concepts, Puraeo essential oil supplier's team of experts can help you create the right product for you.



Since its establishment, SWWIP has paid attention to detail and a return to nature, we have always insisted on using the energy from nature to the extreme, providing customers with a good fragrance experience for commercial, home and personal customization. 

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