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Are essential oils safe?

by:Puraeo      2022-10-14

Essential oils are pure plants, which are much safer than cosmetic products containing chemicals, but this does not mean that essential oils are not dangerous.

Essential oils are natural, but it does not mean that they are 100% safe. Incorrect preparation, poor quality, wrong application methods, or the uniqueness of the user will bring danger to the user. Safe use of essential oils, the following two points, you must keep in mind

1) Non-professionals, do not use pure essential oils
There are two categories of essential oils in our market. One is compound essential oils, which are prepared by mixing two or more unilateral essential oils with base oils. The general compound essential oils are formulated by professionals according to their efficacy and proportions. There are certain essential oils. Safety; the other type is unilateral essential oils, that is, a certain plant essential oil, no vegetable oil is added, and the purity is 100%. This type of essential oil is not recommended for ordinary people to use, because most unilateral essential oils cannot be used directly on the skin. If the skin is sensitive to the skin, there is even a risk of being corroded. Even if some are for topical treatment, you must follow the advice of a professional aromatherapist.

2) Be sure not to use expired and spoiled essential oils
Essential oils have a shelf life. Generally, unopened unilateral essential oils can be stored for 3 years in a sealed, low temperature, dark, and dry environment. If they are opened, try to use them up within 3 months. For example, oxidized tea tree oil is easy to make skin. Allergies; the base oils used in some essential oil blends will extend the shelf life, but it depends on the base oil used, such as wheat germ oil, which can extend the shelf life of essential oils. To give a tip, the thinner the essential oil, whether it is unilateral or compound, the shorter the shelf life; the thicker the shelf life, the longer the shelf life, because the thinner the oil, the smaller the molecule, the more active the movement, the easier it is to deteriorate .
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