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aromatherapy diffusers - smell your way to better health

by:Puraeo      2022-10-19
One way to inject fragrance into the room is to use the aromatherapy diffuser.
Diffusion is the process of discharging the smell into the air and then being sucked in.
In other words, it is an air freshener.
You might say, \"Why not use air spray that you can buy at any drug or grocery store?
\"Well, you can, but since these products usually contain synthetic materials, there will be no aromatherapy benefit in using pure essential oils.
It is believed that nasal essential oil is good for both body and mind.
When the smell is inhaled, the smell passes through the olfactory nerves located inside the nose and then enters the brain part that controls our emotional, memory, and learning abilities.
This area is called the marginal system, and when stimulated, it releases the endorph, the neurotransport, and other \"sensations \". Good chemicals.
The aroma of a natural essential oil triggers this reaction.
Chemicals that naturally exist in essential oils are inhaled into the lungs and can also provide physical benefits.
Depending on the oil you use, inhaling them can make you: there are several types of aromatherapy diffuser on the market, such as: electric fan diffuser-
This diffusion method uses a fan to blow the smell of oil into the air.
Essential oils are usually placed on a tray or mat inside the device and then plugged into the power supply to let the fan blow the smell into the air. Traveling?
No ready-made power outlets?
Try the aromatherapy fan diffuser operated by the battery!
Candle diffuser
Candle aromatherapy diffuser uses a ceramic or metal bowl to hold oil while gently heating sesame oil using tea lamps or other types of candles.
Heat slowly evaporates the oil into the air. Nebulizers -
The atomization aromatherapy oil diffuser is a device that breaks down essential oils into smaller molecules before they are dispersed into the air.
These smaller molecules are more easily absorbed by the lungs and produce greater therapeutic aromatherapy benefits than other diffusion methods.
The nebulizer consists of a base (It\'s usually plastic.
Glass sheet containing motor and oil. Reed Diffuser -
Reed Diffuser is becoming more and more popular because of its beauty.
Pour essential oil into the bottle during Reed diffusion;
Then insert the reed that looks like a small stick into the top of the bottle.
The Reed becomes moist, absorbs essential oils, and exudes fragrance throughout the room.
Once in a while turn over the reed, you can smell the fragrance.
The smell from the reed diffuser can last for several months. Lamp Rings -
The lamp ring is made of terracotta warriors and placed directly on the bulb.
The ring has a groove lip with essential oil.
Heat from the bulb heats the essential oil and then spreads gently into the room.
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