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Common basic vegetable oils and organic essential oils

by:Puraeo      2022-10-13

Essential oils come from different plants. Various parts of plants, including bark, trunk, roots, leaves, flowers, etc., are extracted through various extraction techniques and methods to extract a very complex composition of various organic compounds. Body, which is what we call ESSENTIAL OIL. Essential oils are usually named after the plant. Strictly speaking, only a single essential oil can be called an essential oil, that is, an undiluted 100% pure essential oil with a high concentration and cannot be used directly on the skin; in addition, a compound essential oil is usually a single + single essential oil combination, such as: lavender essential oil + Tea Tree Essential Oil = Acne Combination Essential Oil!

The base oil is also called pure vegetable oil. VEGETABLE OIL is a non-volatile oil extracted from the seeds and fruits of various plants after pressing. It can be used as a base oil for skin care and massage oil. Its main function is to blend well with essential oils and achieve the synergistic effect of diluting and reducing the irritation of essential oils, expanding and lubricating the skin area, and slowing down the volatilization and absorption speed of essential oils. For example, jojoba oil + lavender + tea tree = compound oil, which is a new product that uses base oil to dilute a single essential oil in proportion, and can be directly applied to the skin.

There are many base oils and essential oils on the market to choose from, and the specific choice depends on the individual's skin type and health.
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