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Essential oils help you solve annoying dark circles

by:Puraeo      2022-10-13

The eyes are the windows of the soul. We do our best to look glamorous, but mascara and eyeliner can't hide the damage done to the delicate skin around the eyes, where wrinkles, bags and dark circles plague beauty lovers.

Regularly rubbing essential oils around the eyes can reduce eye wrinkles and smooth fine lines. Because the skin around the eyes is extremely delicate, be sure to use the lightest base oil and the smallest dose of essential oils.

Daily eye care formulas for different ages

People of different ages have different characteristics of eye skin. It is recommended to choose the formula that suits them according to their age.


Mix all the ingredients together completely and rub a small amount around the eyes. The easiest way to do this is to circle in one direction. No need to wash with water after use, just use a clean tissue to wipe off the oil that is not fully absorbed. Be careful not to get essential oils in your eyes. If you get it, wipe off the oil immediately and rinse with plenty of water.

Essential oil eye care

1. According to the distribution of eye muscles, make arc-shaped sliding around the eyes to promote blood circulation of eye skin;

2. Press the acupuncture points with your thumbs, stay for 3 to 5 seconds each time, stimulate the eye points and help blood circulation.

Eye Care Precautions

Eye skin should not be scrubbed, lest the grit damage the soft skin and make it more prone to aging.

Do not rub too much essential oil or other skin care products, otherwise the skin will not absorb well, and fat particles will easily form; and its excessive weight will make the eyelids loose.

The order of eye care cosmetics is: eye nutrition water/flower water - essential oil - eye cream.

dark circles

There are two types of dark circles. When you find dark circles, you can stretch the skin under the eyelids to check whether the color of the dark circles is cyan or brown.

(1) Cyan dark circles

It is caused by blood clots in the capillaries under the eyes, usually caused by lack of sleep or overuse of the eyes. Solution: Apply cold and hot compresses to the eye area, while massaging the acupuncture points that help relieve eye fatigue.

Cold compress to remove dark circles:

1 drop each of German chamomile essential oil / fennel essential oil, 1 teaspoon of witch hazel hydrosol, 10 ml of hazelnut oil

Usage: Dissolve essential oil in witch hazel hydrosol and freeze into ice cubes. Wrap a cotton ball around ice cubes, dip in remaining mixture, and apply to dark circles. Rub a small amount of hazelnut oil on these areas after a few seconds.


Make a cup of rosehip tea or green tea and use it to gently wipe your tired eyes after ice, and your eyes will feel much better.

Massage acupuncture points to relieve eyestrain

Use your middle finger to press each acupuncture point around the eyes for about 3 seconds. Do not press the skin excessively, and gently stimulate the acupuncture points to promote blood circulation.

(2) Brown dark circles

Most of the causes of brown dark circles are that the eye area is not thoroughly removed, or the skin around the eyes is too dry. Therefore, eye makeup must not be sloppy. After cleaning, it should be fully moisturizing, so that the lotion and beauty serum can penetrate into the skin well, and then use a cotton pad around the eyes to wet compress.
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