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How should essential oils be used?

by:Puraeo      2022-10-16

Although aromatherapy is an ancient and profound knowledge, it is far less complicated for our daily use.

The editor has compiled 4 of the easiest and easiest ways to use it for you. Come with me, don't worry about running out of essential oils!

1. Massage

Massage is a great way to get the most out of your essential oils. And doing massage can also enhance feelings!

Massaging the baby is a good way to promote the relationship between mother and baby; massage between lovers is also a little secret to warming up the relationship!

Take 3-5 drops of pure essential oil and mix it with 10ml of base oil, and the prepared essential oil can be used for massage by most adults. You can also refer to the recipe given in the book.

Tips: Children, the elderly, convalescent patients, pregnant women and lactating women, the dosage is halved.

2. Bath & Foot Bath


Mix no more than 8 drops of pure essential oil with natural sea salt, milk, red wine, fruit vinegar and other materials, stir to fully disperse and dissolve the essential oil, and then pour it into the bath water evenly.

Directly adding essential oils to bath water is not recommended. Because the essential oil itself is an oil-soluble substance, it is only slightly soluble in water, and uneven dispersion in water can cause irritation to the skin.

foot bath

Mix 4-5 drops of pure essential oil with natural sea salt, milk, red wine, brewed vinegar and other materials, stir to fully disperse and dissolve the essential oil, and then pour it into the foot bath water evenly.

Keep your feet immersed for as long as possible. If you use a more irritating essential oil or you have sensitive skin, halve the amount.

3. Smell the fragrance

Instrument diffuser

Add 6 drops of pure essential oil to the diffuser or any other diffuser, and decide whether to add water according to the requirements of the instrument, and then you can enjoy the natural aromatic environment.

This amount is suitable for larger open spaces, and for smaller enclosed spaces, please reduce the amount as appropriate.

Once the smell is pungent, it means the concentration is too high, please open the doors and windows immediately to ventilate. Don't endure olfactory stimulation for fear of wasting essential oils, use them in moderation.

Diffuse naturally

If you don't have a suitable instrument at hand, you can also drop the essential oil on a paper towel or cotton pad, and the aroma of the essential oil will diffuse little by little.

This method is very suitable for sleeping and boosting the spirit.

Take 2 drops of a pure essential oil with relaxing effects, such as lavender essential oil, put it on a tissue or cotton pad, put it on the pillow, and you can enjoy a good night's sleep.

The refreshing use can be used for driving and learning. Take 2 drops of a boosting essential oil, such as rosemary or peppermint, on a paper towel or handkerchief and inhale occasionally.

4. Homemade essential oil spray

Take a few drops of pure essential oil and add it to pure alcohol or 75% medical alcohol, mix well, pour it into a watering can, shake vigorously to make a natural aroma spray. Essential oils can also be added to alcohol without dilution with water.

This kind of spray is suitable for household disinfection or air purification. Essential oils such as tea tree and lemon are suitable for use in this way, which makes the home smell fresh and the family is not easy to get sick.

It should be noted that this essential oil spray should not be used for skin care purposes. Avoid using on polished furniture surfaces and do not spray on plants.
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