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How to choose a good massage oil?

by:Puraeo      2022-10-17

First of all, we need to choose quality, choose organic, and secondly choose to be more nutritious and healthier: adopt the cold pressing process to fully retain the rich nutrition of the ingredients and eliminate the risk of deterioration caused by high temperature extraction. It is also necessary to choose the original ecology and no additives: pure plant-based small-molecule massage oil, which is more conducive to absorption than animal oil, does not block skin pores, and is more suitable for immature skin.

Organic sweet almond is made into a gentle skin massage oil, which can effectively relieve dry skin, rough skin, dull skin, large pores, fragile and sensitive. On this basis, organic sweet almond soup can dilute the texture, moisturizing and nourishing, softening the skin, and easy to absorb

Natural plant formula is selected: it contains pure sweet almond oil, which is easy to be absorbed by plant skin care; naturally mild and non-irritating: cold-rolled extract has no irritating addition, mild texture, suitable for various skin types; excellent effect and easy absorption: appropriate after dripping on the skin Massage can promote absorption, effectively achieve the effect of eliminating fine lines and improving skin texture.
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