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How to store essential oils to extend their shelf life?

by:Puraeo      2022-10-14

How to store essential oils to maximize their shelf life? Today I will talk about 4 methods that you can definitely use.

Ways to extend the shelf life of essential oils

1) Seal
If you don’t plan to use an essential oil recently, be sure not to unpack it. Essential oils are volatile, especially monoterpene essential oils, such as citrus essential oils, which are highly volatile and easy to oxidize. Therefore, choosing a well-sealed essential oil bottle can extend the shelf life. This essential oil bottle with an inner cap is more suitable for long-term preservation of essential oils than the essential oil bottle with this dropper.

2) Protect from light
If you use essential oils all the time, be sure to store them away from light, because some ingredients in essential oils are sensitive to light and can be deteriorated by sunlight. The correct way is to use dark glass bottles of essential oils, which can make the oil you are using go bad less quickly.

3) Keep the temperature as constant as possible
The temperature affects the movement speed of the essential oil molecules, and the essential oil should be stored away from high temperature; but if you put it in the refrigerator in summer and take it out in winter, the sudden rise and fall of the temperature will also easily deteriorate the essential oil, so try to keep the storage temperature of the essential oil at 18- 25 degree.

4) Glass bottle preservation
Because essential oils are prone to chemical reactions with plastics, the composition of essential oils will also change, so essential oils must never be stored in plastic bottles.

The essential oils we usually use are basically compound oils prepared by merchants. After opening, try to use up within 3 months. Even for daily use, the principles of sealing, avoiding light, constant temperature, and glass bottles must be followed.
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