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oil massage

by:Puraeo      2022-10-16

Essential oil massage refers to the method of using essential oil massage oil (base oil and essential oil prepared massage oil), smearing it on the required parts, and massaging the body. We can massage the body to relax and relieve stress.
Using essential oils to massage can relax your mind and relieve stress. At the same time, it is conducive to decompressing your skin. It is also a great way to maintain health and beauty.

Essential oil massage procedure
Step 1: Clean the skin of the customer's back and dry the back with a dry towel.
Step 2: Disinfect the scraping board, and drop about 1ML of scraping essential oil on the back of the customer, and apply it evenly.
The third step: A. Scrape down along the Dazhui point to the Yaoyang Pass.
b. Scrape down the scapula, to the scapula, first to the left and then to the right.
c. Scrape along the inner edge of the scapula to the armpit, first on the left and then on the right.
Notes: 1. Keep the workplace warm
2. The whole operation procedure is subject to 30 minutes, and 15 times of scraping on one part shall prevail.
3. After doing this, customers drink a glass of warm water to help speed up their metabolism.
Contraindications: 1. Fractures, bones are prohibited.
2. High blood pressure and heart disease are prohibited.
3. Menstrual period is prohibited.

Essential Oil Massage Therapy

Oil topical massage

1. Essential oil massage can lose weight, because through the stimulation of massage and acupoints, the essential oil penetrates into the skin and can clear the lymphatic tissue, eliminate accumulated toxins, help decompose fat, and also eliminate excess water in the body, so it can detoxify and effectively tighten the skin Efficacy. The method of using essential oil massage can make the body muscles more compact and slender, and get rid of the annoying puffiness.

2. Facial massage can achieve cosmetic effects:
It can promote the blood circulation of the skin, promote cell regeneration, and restore the elasticity of the skin. In addition, using essential oils to massage the skin can adjust the oil secretion of the skin, maintain the acid-base balance of the skin, make the skin's oil not easy to accumulate, avoid various blockages, and avoid skin aging.

3. The effect of head massage:
If massage the scalp with essential oil, it can nourish scalp cells, effectively improve hair quality and relieve stress. Modern people are busy with work and life every day, and most of them are overwhelmed by pressure. Therefore, soothing is more important than beauty and health.
4. Massage with essential oils to eliminate stomach fire:

Massage with citrus, peppermint or ginger essential oils. Take a total of 4 drops of one or both of the essential oils, mix with a teaspoon of body lotion, apply the mixture to the palms of the hands, and massage the abdomen in slow circular motions in a clockwise direction. Then wrap a bottle filled with warm water in a towel and lie on your side on the bed.

Oil Body Massage

The aroma of essential oils also has a great impact on our emotions. The aroma of essential oils will enter the lobe system in the brain, which is the door to the unconscious and emotional realm of human beings. Through the smell of essential oils, the brain will have a pleasant feeling. The aroma easily helps release emotions and helps relieve stress throughout the body.
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