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What exactly are essential oils?

by:Puraeo      2022-10-16

Essential oil is a volatile aromatic substance extracted from plants. Of course, not all plants can, only some plants that contain balsam glands may produce essential oils. Depending on where the balsam glands exist, they need to be extracted from different parts of the plant. Some plants are from flowers, some are from leaves, some are from stems, some are from roots, and some are even from fruits, and then different methods such as extrusion and cold immersion are used to operate. .

Essential oils are divided into unilateral and compound essential oils, which have three functions: pharmacology, physiology and psychology.

Commonly used essential oils use methods include pure essential oil use, diffusing, inhaling, massaging, smearing, spraying, showering, etc.

For example, the use of pure essential oils is directly instilled in the palm of the hand and inhaled. A few essential oils such as lavender and tea tree can be used as pure essential oils. For example, if the hand is slightly cut, it can be dripped on the affected area to repair the local wound.

For example, for body massage, the recommended concentration of essential oils is 3% to 5%, and 6 to 10 drops are poured into every 10 ml of base oil.

Types of base oils: evening primrose oil, grapeseed oil, hazelnut oil, jojoba oil, etc. The authors detail the scientific names, origins, ingredients contained in these base oils, as well as their properties.

For example, evening primrose oil is suitable for dry, mildly problematic skin, and it is used for local massage. For example, hazelnut oil is suitable for oily or combination skin and can improve acne.

Essential oils can also protect your skin and your health.

For example, the smear for firming skin: four drops of damask rose, two drops of rose geranium, two drops of frankincense, and 20 grams of fragrance-free cream. Mix the above ingredients into a compound essential oil and cream, and apply an appropriate amount on the face before going to bed.

For example, the mud compress to improve dullness: two drops of frankincense, one drop of Roman chamomile, ten milliliters of pure water, and ten grams of red mineral powder. Mix the above ingredients thoroughly and apply to the face for eight to ten minutes each time, two to three times a week.
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