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Who is suitable for using essential oils?

by:Puraeo      2022-10-15

Essential oils are not recommended for such people
1. People who are frizzy and careless are easy to use and make mistakes. Aromatherapy is also a science, and the use of essential oils also has a perfect theoretical system. If you use the wrong essential oils, it may have the opposite effect. For example, I originally wanted to sleep, but ended up using a refreshing essential oil, and the effect was diametrically opposite.

2. The allergen of the skin is determined to be a mixture of fragrances and fragrances. While not necessarily allergic to all essential oils, it's not worth the risk.

Essential oils are recommended for this group of people
1. People who like to smell all kinds of good smells and feel relaxed and emotionally relieved by the smell of essential oils are very suitable for using essential oils, because essential oils are best used as 'placebo'.

2. People who want to add interest to life. For example, aromatherapy, essential oil baths, body massage, SPA and the like, essential oils are very suitable for such people.

3. People who can look at essential oils objectively and use them rationally. People who know how to watch regular professional aromatherapy books and can use essential oil products correctly.

How to use essential oils

1. Candle Aromatherapy Lamp

Use the heat of candles to heat essential oils and let the scent fill the air for an effortlessly romantic setting. The disadvantage is that the consumption of essential oils is large, and candles with open flames are dangerous.

2. Aroma Diffuser

Using the internal ultrasonic vibration, the essential oil can be atomized into fine particles and diffuse in the air. The particles of the aromatherapy machine mist are uniform and delicate, and the ritual is full! The aromatherapy machine has no open flame and can be used with peace of mind.

3. Paper towels or other items

Drip essential oils on paper towels or other portable items, this method is easy to fly, and you can enjoy the fragrance of essential oils at any time, no matter the time and place!

4. Take advantage of steam

Add hot water to the washbasin, add a few drops of essential oil, and enjoy the fragrance diffused with the water vapor. Generally, 3-5 drops of essential oil are instilled, depending on the room.

5. Take a bath

By soaking your body in warm water mixed with essential oils, you can not only enjoy the fragrance, but also absorb the ingredients contained in the essential oils into your body. Baths can warm the body and relax the mind, double the effect when combined with essential oils, or try topical baths like the following hand or foot baths.
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