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Why apply essential oils during massage?

by:Puraeo      2022-10-14

Massage has become a must-have way for many people to relax the body and relieve fatigue. But many people will wonder why the masseuse always pours essential oils on the body when they go for a massage. This makes me sticky and sticky, why is this? What are the benefits of using essential oils during massage?

In fact, it is important for masseurs to apply essential oils to the corresponding body parts. Essential oils can well regulate the dryness of human skin. The main function of these massage oils is to 'lubricate', which is convenient for masseurs to operate. Then through professional massage techniques, it can accelerate the penetration of essential oils into the human body, achieve detoxification, eliminate fatigue, enhance human immunity, and also help metabolism, achieve the effect of relaxing mood and relieving stress.

What are the benefits of oil massage?
1, essential oil massage can beauty and lose weight. Essential oils enter the human body through massage, and then enter the blood vessels and tissues of the whole body, which is conducive to blood circulation, promotes cell regeneration, and restores elasticity to the skin. Through massage and stimulation of acupuncture points, it can also play a role in dredging the lymphatic tissue, remove accumulated toxins, help the decomposition of fat, and discharge water in the body, so as to achieve the effect of detoxification, beauty and firming of the skin.

Not only that, essential oil massage can also regulate the oil secretion of the skin, keep the acid-base balance of the skin, and make it difficult for oil to accumulate, so that it will not cause excessive blockage and slow down skin aging.

2. Massage the scalp with essential oil, which can promote the proliferation of scalp cells, effectively solve hair problems such as bifurcation, yellowing, and softness, and restore your black, bright and supple hair. In addition to nourishing the hair, massaging the head with essential oils can also relieve stress.

3. The smell released in the essential oil can also relax the body and mind to a certain extent. Smelling the smell during the massage can not only help sleep, but also relieve the pressure of the whole body and release bad emotions.

4. Most of the essential oils used in many stores are extracted from plants, which can help the body achieve balance and enhance the body's immunity. Of course, when you massage in the store, you also need to pay attention to whether the essential oils used in the store are compliant. Some essential oils are not good, and artificial fragrances are used. If too much artificial fragrance remains in the body, it will cause physical discomfort.

So don't panic when the masseuse pours essential oils for you, just relax and enjoy it quietly. Don't feel that essential oils make your body sticky, just wipe off after massaging.
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