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Why use essential oils for massage

by:Puraeo      2022-10-17

When many people go for a massage, the masseuse will use essential oils. So, the question is, why do you need to touch essential oils when you massage? In fact, why use essential oils for massage, there is a saying, you will know after reading it. Everyone should pay attention to the method of essential oils. There are many benefits of essential oils for women, do you know?

Why do you need to touch essential oils when you massage?

Essential oil is extracted from the stem and fruit of a plant by distillation, and is composed of 50-500 different molecules. Massage with essential oils is good for the human body. Especially when used for a long time, it will give off a kind of body fragrance. The molecules in essential oils coexist in perfect proportions under the arrangement of nature.

essential oil

Now there is a history of aromatherapy in ancient China. The ancients already knew that aromatherapy can be used for beauty, pain relief, fatigue and depression. Therefore, the spices are made into cakes and burned. Now, it has become an essential oil, a bottle extracted from thousands of flowers. Essential oils also have cosmetic properties, as well as improving skin inflammation and treating sunburns.

Essential oils are extracted from thousands of flowers

Why use essential oils for massage is the extraction method of essential oils, including cold pressing, distillation, solvent extraction, etc. Moreover, essential oils have good penetration and can enter the subcutaneous tissue to exert their effects through massage. Essential oils with different effects have different effects, which is why you need to touch essential oils when you massage.
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