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How much oil do you use at a time?

How much oil do you use at a time?


The more the amount of essential oil is, the better. It will not double the effect because you double the amount. If the amount increases, it will cause side effects, such as allergies and damage to your health. There is some research showing that in some cases less dose is better. There are also differences in the amount of essential oils used.

Take the most commonly used essential oil massage as an example. If the concentration is 2%, you can add 2 drops of pure essential oil to 5ml of base oil. If you only do facial massage, then 5ml can't be used up, at least you can Use 2-3 times, so oil massage is very economical.


If the essential oil is dropped into the water, the amount of essential oil is 1-8 drops at a time. If you drop it into water, you can drop 6 drops each time; if you drop it into the bathtub, you can drop 6-8 drops, and the maximum should not exceed 8 drops; if you drop it into the water for fumigation, you can drop 1-6 drops, and adjust the dosage according to the size of the room ; 2-3 drops can be added to the site bath; 1 drop can be added to the bath flower or bath liquid in the shower; 4-5 drops can be added to the cold or hot compress and so on.


A few essential oils can be directly dripped on the skin, such as lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil, etc., and one drop at a time can be used directly on the skin. Heavy use must be diluted. For example, use these essential oils to prevent mosquito bites, treat acne, and remove acne marks. If you are used to dripping essential oils on paper towels or handkerchiefs, then the dosage of essential oils is 1-2 drops at a time.

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