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Surprising Benefits Of Cassia Essential Oil

Surprising Benefits Of Cassia Essential Oil


What is Cassia Essential Oil?

The essential oil of cassia is derived by steam distillation of its leaves and twigs. The bark may also be used sometimes to extract the oil. The scientific name of Cassia is Cinnamomum cassia. It is also known by two other botanical names, Laurus cassia and Cinnamomum aromaticum.

Health Benefits of Cassia Essential Oil

Chinese healers knew the medicinal uses of cassia far back in history. It is believed that it is from them the medicinal uses of this plant spread to other parts of the world.

But what are these medicinal uses? Let’s explore them in greater detail below.

May Help Treat Diarrhea

The essential oil of cassia may have various benefits on the digestive system and being an anti-diarrhea agent is one of them. It can be used to bind the bowels and stop diarrhea episodes. Being an antimicrobial agent, it may also treat diarrhea caused by the microbial action. It may inhibit the microbial growth and help stop diarrhea from occurring thanks to its content of fiber, which binds loose stool into healthy bowel movements. 

May Have Anti-emetic Properties

This oil can be used to treat nausea and to stop vomiting. It may induce a refreshing feeling and drives away feelings that bring on nausea and vomiting. 

May Relieve Rheumatism

Being a circulatory and a stimulant substance, cassia essential oil may help improve blood circulation and bring warmth to the joints and other parts of the body affected by rheumatism and arthritis, thus giving relief from these uncomfortable conditions. 

May Act As An Astringent

This property of the essential oil of cassia may do a lot of good. It might strengthen gums and hair roots, tighten muscles and lift the skin. It may also help stop hemorrhaging by contracting blood vessels. 

May Boost Circulation

Cassia essential oil may improve the circulation of blood and thereby facilitates the proper distribution of nutrients and oxygen to all the body parts. This property may also be beneficial in fighting rheumatism and arthritis.

May Prove To Be Antiviral

Cassia essential oil may be effective in countering viral infections and might give sound protection from cold and cough, influenza and other viral diseases. 

May Be An Emmenagogue

The essential oil of cassia may help relax menstrual cramps and open obstructed menstruation paths. This might also give relief from symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and drowsiness that are commonly associated with menses. 

May Be Febrifuge

Being an antimicrobial and antiviral agent, cassia essential oil may help fight the infections causing fever and thus helps lower body temperature. The circulatory property of this oil might also help boost the immune system of the body. The warming effect of this oil may give relief from the fever as well. 

May Act As A Potential Stimulant

Cassia essential oil may help stimulate bodily functions, namely, metabolism, secretions, discharges, circulation and also the nervous system and the brain, thereby helping to be more active and alert.

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