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Two Essential Oils to Help Remove Acne

Two Essential Oils to Help Remove Acne


Adult acne is different from whelk. There are variety of reasons. It is not like whelk that only because of adolescent’s unique idiosyncrasies. Therefore, it is always believed that to completely cure adult acne, must merge inside and outside. For the external treatment of adult acne, tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil are the two effective weapons to deal with them.


First step: tea tree essential oil


Tea tree essential oil is the most antiseptic of all essential oils, but also has a strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Pure tea tree essential oil can be used to treat more serious symptoms, such as inflamed acne, pustules, etc. Like lavender, tea tree oils can also be applied directly to the skin. They are two of the safest oils. However, it is still recommended that people who is particularly sensitive to the skin, dilute them with base oil before using. Of course, the efficacy of diluted oil is definitely weaker than pure essential oil. The most powerful function of tea tree essential oil still lies in it killing mold. Therefore, when at the early and middle stage of acne growth, there are more serious pustules, redness and inflammation, tea tree essential oil can be directly smeared on the abscess acne. General within 1-2 days, red and swollen pustules can "dry out".


Second step: lavender essential oil


Shrivel pustules entered later period, the “barely survive” state. At this moment, the second kind of weapon -- lavender essential oil can be applied. Of course, this does not mean that lavender oil is useless in the early stages of acne growth, but tea tree is more effective than lavender in treating inflammation, redness, pustules and other serious symptoms. More often situation is that use tea tree and lavender cyclic, such as the first two days with tea tree oil, and next two days with lavender oil. This is also in line with the characteristics of essential oils, because most essential oils will develop "drug resistance" in our skin and body if used continuously, which greatly reduces their therapeutic effect on us. All essential oils have mild or moderate or severe toxicity. Long-term use of the same essential oil or using one too much will cause discomfort or even poisoning. Therefore, for the treatment of adult acne alone, we should use tea tree and lavender essential oil alternately. When there are pustules, use 1-2 drops each time (the amount of the whole face) tea tree essential oil directly on the pustules. After the pustules disappear, massage the whole face with 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil each time. All essential oils are recommended to be used at night as most essential oils are sensitive to light. 

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