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Easy Ways to Treat Insomnia with Essential Oils

Easy Ways to Treat Insomnia with Essential Oils


People living in the modern urban jungle, while enjoying the high material life brought by industrial civilization, have also experienced the spiritual shackles brought by steel and cement, resulting in a lot of irritability, depression, insomnia and other sub-health states that trouble people. Simple ways to treat insomnia with essential oils include diffuser, an aromatic bath, or a few drops of essential oils on a pillow. Aromatherapy works well for both temporary and long-term insomnia. There are several essential oils that not only trigger drowsiness safely and naturally, but have none of the side effects of taking sleeping pills. 

Aromatic bath


A bath with essential oils is an easy way to treat insomnia. Drop some essential oil into the bath water , enjoy comfortable fragrant bath before going to bed. The temperature of the bath water should not be too high, so as not to be too excited to achieve the effect of relaxation. For adults, six drops of essential oil should be enough for bathing water. If you use balm grass oil or neroli oil, only 4 drops are enough. These oils can be used in high amounts and can cause skin irritation.  For children, adding 3-4 drops of essential oil to the bath water is sufficient.


It's easier to smell with essential oils than take an aromatic bath. Drop an essential oil used to treat insomnia into an diffuser. It permeates the air and travels through the body's olfactory cells to the brain's nervous system. It creates calmness and relaxation. If you don't have a diffuser, add 1-2 drops of essential oil to a cotton ball and put it next to a pillow.

Among the commonly used oils, lavender, chamomile and neroli are all very effective in treating insomnia, and they all have psychological and emotional effects, creating feelings of calmness, gentleness and balance, as well as relaxation. Any essential oil that has a calming effect can be very helpful. 

Essential oils with calming effects include: bergamot essential oil for insomnia sufferers, clary sage essential oil for emotional relaxation, sandalwood essential oil, juniper essential oil and ylang-ylang essential oil. There are many other oils to choose, and you can keep experimenting to find the one that works best for you. 

Using essential oils to treat insomnia is simple, but choosing the right essential oils is important.  In addition, it is best not to use the same essential oil or the same essential oil formula for more than 2 weeks in a row because the body will gradually get used to this essential oil and the effect of essential oil is compromised. If the sleep condition cannot return to normal in a short time, you must continue to use the essential oil for a period of time. It is better to change the type of essential oil or blend essential oil after 1-2 weeks.

These simple remedies for insomnia are all safe and effective in helping transient insomniacs who have been unable to sleep for several nights to enjoy normal sleep. For long-term insomnia patients, in addition to the use of these methods, they should find out the real cause of insomnia, in order to solve the problem in a proper way.

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