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Two commonly essential oils of Efficacy and Usage

Two commonly essential oils of Efficacy and Usage


Essential oils are so powerful that they can help with weight loss, beauty, skincare, and mood adjustment. There are many kinds of essential oils, and different oils have different effects. For example Tea Tree Essential Oil has a bactericidal anti-inflammatory impact; Rose Essential Oil is moisturizing and anti-aging. Here are two commonly used essential oils for their efficacy and usage.


Rose Essential Oil

 How Rose essential Oil works: Rose essential oil has powerful moisturizing and anti-aging properties. Its essential oil molecules can enter the dermis to maintain the osmotic pressure of cells, locking in the skin's moisture, keeping the skin hydrated, and preventing the formation of fine lines. Rose oil cannot be applied directly to the skin and must be used with base oil.

Usage of Rose Essential Oil:

 1. 10 ml grape seed oil +2 ml Jojoba oil +5 drops rose essential oil, body massage.

 2. Keep the water temperature at 39℃ in the bath, add 6 drops of Rose Essential Oil, stir evenly, and soak for 20-30 minutes to moisturize the skin.

 3. Add 1 drop of Rose Essential Oil to the warm water you wash your face in the morning and press your face with a towel.



Tea Tree Essential Oil

 Tea Tree Essential Oil efficacy: Tea Tree Essential Oil is often used in acne products. This is because Tea Tree Essential Oil has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.

Usage of Tea Tree Essential Oil:

 1. Take a drop of Tea Tree Essential Oil with cotton swabs and apply acne to remove acne.

 2.  5 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil sitting bath, can prevent and cure gynecological inflammation.

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