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Essential Oils to Support Women's Health

Essential Oils to Support Women's Health


Essential oils were used by many ancient civilizations and cultures around the world for their healing properties. Ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Indian (Ayurvedic) traditional medicine included the use of aromatic essential oils for healing and emotional balance. The chemical makeup of essential oils provides unique health benefits to nearly everyone who uses them. However, did you know that certain essential oils can support women's health? Every woman is unique and has different needs based on the stage of her life she is currently in. As holistic practices become more popular, women are rediscovering the positive impact of essential oils on their overall health and well-being. Wholesale suppliers give you some advice.


Best Essential Oils for Women's Health

Clary Sage Essential Oil - Known for its herbaceous and sweet aroma with subtle fruity notes, clary sage is used aromatically to create a relaxing, peaceful environment, creating a sense of balance and grounding. Clary Sage Oil has been favored for centuries for its versatility in supporting women's health. Research shows that this herbal oil can ease the severity of menstrual cramps and treat PMS symptoms like mood swings.


Lavender Essential Oil - is a powerful sedative that has been used for centuries to treat sleep problems as well as symptoms of stress and anxiety. . In addition to its aromatic benefits, lavender oil can support healthy skin when applied topically. Linalool, one of the main components of lavender oil, has antibacterial and antifungal properties that cleanse and soothe congested skin.


Geranium Essential Oil - Known to reduce physical and mental stress, Geranium essential oil has balancing properties that promote focus and calm during times of physical or emotional distress. Geranium oil is considered effective in relieving menstrual and menopausal symptoms. This includes body aches, mood swings, and hot flashes.


Bergamot Essential Oil - Bergamot essential oil has a bright citrus scent that is fruity, sweet and balanced with spicy floral notes. Bergamot oil has citrus oil properties and is reputed to relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety due to its presence in ingredients such as alpha-pinene and limonene. Bergamot also acts as a sedative and supports proper sleep hygiene, which is vital for women at all stages of life. For menopausal women, getting enough sleep may help relieve migraine symptoms caused by hormonal changes. When used topically, bergamot can support healthy skin and hair by adding shine, preventing hair loss, and soothing inflammatory skin concerns like acne.


Neroli Essential Oil - Citrusy, sweet and distinctly floral, Neroli Essential Oil helps support mental and emotional health with the exotic aroma of Neroli. Considered a calming essential oil, neroli oil is believed to ease symptoms of depression while encouraging more positive emotions. One small study in postmenopausal women showed that inhaling neroli oil could help manage symptoms such as stress-induced low libido.


Rose Geranium Essential Oil - Rose Geranium Oil possesses many of the same benefits as geranium, while also exhibiting a unique sweet rose scent. Rose Geranium also has soothing and calming properties that may support a woman's mental and emotional well-being by promoting a greater sense of relaxation. This balancing oil is recommended for those experiencing symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, restlessness or tension.


Frankincense Essential Oil - A deeply spiritual oil, frankincense is diffused during meditation practice to achieve a calm and grounded state of mind. When used topically, frankincense is thought to be beneficial for both acne-prone and mature skin types. For aging skin, this oil improves its elasticity and promotes a softer complexion. Meanwhile, the cleansing properties of frankincense reduce blemish-causing bacteria. For menstruating and menopausal women, frankincense oil has the potential to balance hormone levels and reduce symptoms such as pain, cramping, anxiety, nausea, fatigue, and mood swings.

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