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Essential Oil Choices to Release Grief

Essential Oil Choices to Release Grief


Grief comes in many forms, and like any healing process, there is no magic bullet that will cure everything. However, for many people, essential oils can provide powerful support for those who are grieving. You can use aromatherapy to help release negative emotions and restore your mental and emotional health, especially when combined with therapeutic and mindfulness practices like meditation, journaling, or therapy. To begin a journey of acceptance and healing, consider using these 8 essential oils that may help release grief.


1.cypress oil

Feelings of emotional emptiness and hopelessness are common when experiencing loss. Cypress has a calming, woody aroma that can help us escape sadness and loneliness, restoring a sense of hope during dark times.


2. Patchouli oil

When our grief becomes too much for our minds and bodies to handle, try breathing in the herbal, earthy, and rich aroma of patchouli to calm the mind and stop intrusive thoughts of anger, shame, or guilt.


3.Lavender oil

Lavender essential oil is world-famous for its calming properties and can be a great ally for those experiencing extreme anxiety, stress, or insomnia due to the loss of a loved one.


4.Mandarin oil

Grief can leave many people feeling hopeless, miserable, or emotionally empty. The bright and uplifting aroma of mandarin can help us release disturbing emotions, release these feelings and promote a more positive mindset.


5. Sage oil

The fresh, warm, and herbal aroma of this oil has an incredibly soothing effect on the nerves, and it can help relieve feelings of anxiety or trauma.

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