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The benefit and uses of osmanthus essential oil

The benefit and uses of osmanthus essential oil


Osmanthus Essential Oil

Scientific name: Osmanthus fragrans; Subject: Oleaceae.

Extraction:  flowers

Color: yellow-red-reddish brown

Smell: Osmanthus scent, sweet with a hint of spice

Main ingredients: ionone, methyl butanol, methyl heptane, furanone, methyl propyl ester.

Raw material plant: Osmanthus fragrans; tree height is 3~4 meters, with small orange flowers blooming from September to October. Male and female plants are different.



The efficacy and functions of osmanthus essential oil

Effect on skin:

Promote blood circulation, improve tissue, and keep the skin active. Used for skin massage. Osmanthus oil has the effect of refining skin and beautifying the face. Osmanthus oil has moisturizing and moisturizing effects, which can accelerate blood circulation of the skin and improve paleness.


Effect on the body:

Stable slimming effect.

Relieves headaches and menstrual pain, strengthens the stomach, regulates qi, and opens up the mind with aroma. It can be used as a cold compress or boiling water with a few drops of Oluya osmanthus oil to treat headaches and migraines. A warm towel will eliminate your mental fatigue, and at night An osmanthus bath helps treat insomnia. Massage the osmanthus blended with carrier oil to make osmanthus massage oil, which can be applied behind the ears and neck, or as a physiological massage oil for the lower abdomen.


Effect on mood:

Eliminate anxiety and relax your mood; it has a good guiding effect on sexual emotions and is an excellent mood booster. Osmanthus oil has a certain effect on alleviating fatigue, headaches, menstrual pain, etc. It is also a good mood booster during intercourse. Osmanthus essential oil is the best agent to purify the air.



Mix in handcrafted perfumes, use as a room fragrance, or use in aromatic baths.



Stabilize your mood and boost your spirit.

Sedative, aphrodisiac, antibacterial. It can purify the air, dissipate cold and dispel rheumatism, is effective for toothaches and coughs, beautifies and whitens the skin, detoxifies the body and has laxative effects. Women using osmanthus essential oil can make their skin tender, delay aging, and the body will also emit a light fragrance. Men use osmanthus essential oil, which has aphrodisiac effects. In addition, adding a few drops of osmanthus essential oil into the hot water for foot soaking can achieve the purpose of activating blood meridians and remove athlete's foot and foot odor.


Compatible essential oils:

Lavender essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, rose essential oil, chamomile essential oil, bergamot essential oil, jasmine essential oil, geranium essential oil, lemon essential oil, cypress essential oil.

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