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Introduction and Storage of Commonly Used Base Oils

Introduction and Storage of Commonly Used Base Oils


Aromatherapy grade base oil is more in pursuit of its own rich nutritional components, mostly is made from cold pressed virgin. Because of transport, storage, taste and other problems, edible plant oil will remove some of the components of vegetable oil itself, adding some anticorrosiveflavoring components, mostly refined oil. Therefore, in terms of nutritional composition, aromatherapy grade base oils are better than edible oils on the market. The following is a brief introduction of commonly used pure plant base oil for aromatherapy, which is convenient for quick reference.  


Grape seed oil 


Contains procyanidins, a potent antioxidant with a grape peel aroma.  It can also be used for oily skin with its refreshing texture. Its benefit for promoting cell regeneration, collagen formation and anti-aging. It also helps the heart and blood vessels as well as the immune system. Since easy to oxidize, it is recommended to use up within 8 months after opening. Known as the "Fountain of Youth", it is ideal for blending essential facial oils.  


RoseHip oil


Effectively help skin cell regeneration, remove scar, light spot, wrinkle resistance, and smooth lines. It is an indispensable choice for skin to maintain youth which commonly used in facial essence oil. Because that fatty acids are highly active and easy to oxidize, it is recommended to use up within 6 months after opening.  


Sweet Almond Oil


Good ductility, easy to be absorbed, keep the skin soft and delicate. It is an indispensable oil for the make of body massage oil. Great for moisturizing and helping to balance skin moisture. It is an good entry oil which has a wide range of use.


Jojoba oil


Its composition is similar to sebum, so it is easily absorbed by the skin and is a good choice oil for oily skin. It hydrates, calms and rejuvenates the skin. It is also useful for dry and mature skin. 70% of them are non-oxidizing plant waxes that can be stored for up to 3-5 years. It is suitable for hair care with smooth texture.  


Olive oil 


In addition to being high in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and olive polyphenols allow it to penetrate deep into the skin, providing a long-lasting moisturizing layer that keeps skin supple and elastic. The famous ancient soap of Aleppo is made from olive oil.  


Argan oil


Rich in vitamins A and E. Known for its moisturizing texture, softening and anti-aging properties, It is very friendly to mature skin. Many people use it as an oil for skin care.  


Blueberry seed oil


Fresh texture, smells good, rich in antioxidant substances, natural vitamin E, OMEGA3. It is easy to be absorbed by the skin, delay aging, fade wrinkles, make skin firm and full. It is good for acne and sensitive skin as well as for oily skin.


Safflower oil


It contains OMEGA6 and vitamin K, which can be taken orally to lower blood lipids, be used as a massage oil, or relieve rosacea and concealer. It has crisp texture, close to sunflower oil.

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