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Which essential oils are better for calming and soothing

Which essential oils are better for calming and soothing


In recent years, essential oils have become more and more popular. If used well, the skin can be revived, but if used improperly, it can also disfigure the face. So how should it be used? Here I will introduce three common essential oils with calming and soothing effects, and explain their functions and configuration methods in detail for reference.


1. Rose Oil

The extraction part is flowers, which has a unique smell and calms the mind. Can be used as:

(1) Skin: Soothes fragile sensitive skin, strengthens the skin's absorption capacity, and is suitable for dry skin, acne and inflamed skin.

(2) Body: Helps improve insomnia, relieve menstrual pain and discomfort caused by menopause, relieve dysmenorrhea, and can effectively relieve premenstrual syndrome, muscle pain, headache, neuralgia, toothache.

(3) Mind and emotion: perfect soothing effect, making people peaceful and tranquil.

(4) Application in daily life: steaming, massage, bathing, cold compress or hot compress, use smear to improve skin problems such as allergies and acne.


2. Lavender oil

The extraction part is flower, light and clear floral fragrance, slightly woody, can be used for:

(1) Skin: Suitable for any skin type, promote cell regeneration, balance excess oil and fade scars, improve acne and sunburn, and can also protect hair.

(2) Body: Improve nausea and flatulence, relieve headaches and help fall asleep, relieve various muscle pains and menstrual pains, promote wound healing and avoid scars.

(3) Mind and emotion: Improve insomnia caused by mental stress, calm and soothe the mind.

(4) Application in daily life: steaming, massage.

Lavender essential oil can be used with all essential oils to enhance the effect, and can also be applied directly to skin wounds to stop bleeding, relieve pain, promote healing, and leave no scars.


3. Geranium oil

The extraction parts are flowers and leaves. It tastes sweet and slightly heavy. It smells like roses. It can be used for:

1. Skin: It can balance the secretion of sebaceous glands, suitable for all kinds of skin, has a good cleaning effect, and has a good effect on clogged pores, loose and oily skin.

2. Body: Improve edema, help wound healing; relieve sore throat and gastrointestinal discomfort, enhance immunity, eliminate discomfort caused by various pains, relieve dysmenorrhea, and effectively relieve PMS.

3. Mind and emotions: Create a friendly atmosphere, balance emotions, and make people feel happy.

4. Application in daily life: steaming, massage, bathing, smearing.


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