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What are the effects of common single essential oils

What are the effects of common single essential oils


As we all know, essential oils are divided into singles and blends. Single essential oil contains only one kind of ingredient, while blending essential oil is the oils mixed with two or more kind of different essential oils. There are many kinds of essential oils, and while you may have heard of or used one or two of them, do you know which ones are common in your daily life?


Lavender oil: it is anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, and has outstanding effects on acne, scar, pustulosis, scald, sunburn and cut. Soothe nerves and improve insomnia. [Note] People with hypotension and pregnant women should not use it.  


Tea Tree oil: it can be directly applied to the skin, and its bactericidal effect is the strongest of all essential oils, trichomonas, candida, mold and other fungal infection. It can treat acne, inflammation of gynaecology, tinea, sore throat, toothache, herpes of lip and tongue, etc.


Peppermint oil: it can treat skin inflammation, regulate greasy and unclean skin, improve acne and give skin a refreshing feeling. Excellent for cold treatment, promote perspiration. Stop headache and muscle ache. [Note] Pregnant women should not use it. Do not use too much in the bath.


Lemon oil: fade melanin, dispel aging cells and promote collagen production. Make dark skin bright and white. Its effect of stimulating white blood cells and red blood cells can improve anemia, enhance body resistance. [Note] Pregnant women should not use it. Do not use too much in the bath.


Sweet Orange oil: it has purification function. Improve skin water deficiency, fade stretch marks, shrink pores and fade melanin. [Note] Avoid sun exposure after use it to avoid dark spots. Use it at night.


Sandalwood oil: it moisturizes and softens the skin. It is an excellent skin care oil with aphrodisiac properties, ameliorates sexual coldness, impotence, and can bring feelings of relaxation and happiness.

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